BARETA is the Bikol term for “news” or “story”.

Bicolanos have a rich tradition of storytelling. Epic poetry like Ibalon has survived generations, passed on by father to son, mother to daughter.  Tigsik, a uniquely Bicolano form of rawitdawit or poetry, continues as a humorous and sometimes scathing commentary on anyone and anything, including pertinent social issues.

With the onset of technology, the venues of storytelling have transferred from dinner tables during family gatherings to websites accessed from laptops and handheld gadgets at just about anywhere.

Baretang Bikolnon is a brainchild brought about by the passion to write and to serve. Recognizing the need for a unified voice on the internet and the greater need to establish a venue for stories of fellow Bicolanos without access to it, Baretang Bikolnon was reborn as a website in September 2013.

We, the team behind Baretang Bikolnon, believe that every Bicolano has a story to tell and these stories deserve to be read.

Our Advocacy

Baretang Bikolnon strives to be the widest independent network of Bicolano netizens, promoting the region’s heritage through journalism, arts and literature. It aims to rekindle the spirit of volunteerism among the Bicolano people through showcasing initiatives and encouraging participation in activities which contribute to the development of the region.

We envision a team of diverse talents who are actively involved not only in reporting events or commenting on issues but creating milestones that will be hailed as triumphant stories of the best in Bicol.

This site is proudly conceptualized, maintained and funded by Bicolano volunteers.